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Developing High Performance Teams
This program is designed to help participants work together effectively in teams, reduce conflict, and improve overall performance....
Managing Work Expectations
While employers still strive to hire loyal, hardworking people, the implicit offer of lifetime employment no longer applies...
Time Mastery Profile ® Training
The Time Mastery Profile helps people evaluate their time-management effectiveness in 12 critical areas...
Customer Satisfaction Training
Learn how to keep customers for life and exceed their expectations...

   Research shows that when employees are in conflict they burn up 3 times more    energy and will exhibit behaviors of frustration, hostility, anger and blaming

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Developing High Performance Teams (Team Building Process)
The overall objective of this program is to help participants gain skills that will help them work together effectively in teams, reduce conflict, and improve overall performance. During this program participants will learn how to:

• Understand the high cost of conflict in three different areas of their lives

• Identify the consequences of being motivated or de-motivated

• Create the proper environment for motivation - both for themselves and   their team members

• Experience and interpret the powerful DiSC® Classic Personal Profile   System; a learning instrument that allows co-workers to recognize and   capitalize on the strengths of others

• Develop communication strategies to accommodate their teammate's   differing styles

• Understand how others interpret their actions

• Understand their own values to the team and discover how to influence   others in a positive way

• Create a common language to discuss your unique subjective   experiences

• Create a culture of acceptance around diverse interpersonal styles

• Identify the elements of trust and have a discussion on how "trust issues"   play out in the workplace

• Understand what motivates them in their relationships and find ways to   maximize this motivation